Avitus Edit

Avitus's greatest weapon is his unmatched hatred for the enemy. He served with Davian Thule during the Dark Crusade, distinguishing himself during the assault against the treasonous Imperial Guard forces in Victory Bay. Many of his squadmates did not survive the fighting, something that forever changed Avitus and prompted vicious retribution. To this day, he sees Guardsmen as traitors and weaklings.

Devastators carry the heavy weapons needed to support Tactical and Assault Marine squads. They are most often found in key positions with good fields of fire to bring their weapons to bear from great range. Overwhelming firepower is what they offer at the expense of maneuverability.

Since Victory Bay, Avitus and his squad have wielded their weapons with a new fury. Rarely do they leave any survivors in their wake.


  • Come on Aliens, show me your FURY!
  • Avitus under enemy attack!
  • Setup in firing position in there.
  • Now you are a Devastator brother.