Commanders are special units that are chosen before multiplayer battles begin. There are 3 choices for each race, usually based on offense, defense or support. Commanders are present at the beginning of matches, and cannot be destroyed permanently. They can be a very useful unit that often dictates your style of play depending on who you choose.

Incapacitated Edit

When a commanders health is reduced to zero, the commander becomes incapacitated which means he can not move or attack. While incapacitated, commanders may return to battle in one of two ways:

  • Having an allied commander revive yours by right-clicking it in melee range.

(Note: This method will grant the allied commander a significant amount of experience and will not impose a resource cost on either player.)

  • By paying a slowly diminishing Requisition fee that stops at a minimum of 250.

(Note: The requisition cost scales with the commander's level. A higher level commander will cost more to revive earlier, and will take longer to hit the 250 Requisition mark.

Wargear Edit

Commanders have a large selection of Wargear and unique abilities. These are split into offense, defense and accessory

  • Offense - This wargear generally increases attack power and gives damaging abilities (either ranged or assault).
  • Defense - This wargear is genrerally armour and/or health regeneration.
  • Accessory - This wargear usually bestows an ability such as grenades or healing.

Universal Abilities Edit

Depending on which commander you pick, you get two different universal abilities. Depending on the type of commander you chose these can vary from locating enemy commanders to calling in assault terminators. It is important to check these abilities as they benefit certain armies more than others e.g. the ability to heal vehicles helps vehicle based armies.