Force Commander
Force Commander
Force Commander

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The Force Commander is the Space Marine's Offensive Hero, He starts out with a Chainsword and Bolt Pistol and the "Battle Cry" Ability.


Each Space Marine chapter contains many companies, and each company requires a commander to lead them in battle. A captain will be a veteran marine of the 1st company or a marine who distinguishes himself in his service the emperor. Space marine commanders are not just chosen for their skill with their weapons and their martial prowess but from those who have a superhuman grasp of tactics and the flow of the battlefield. In addition to their ranks captains will be assigned honor titles associated to their company’s responsibility. Common titles are Master of the Recruits, Master of the Battle fleet and Master of the Watch.



- Chainsword and Storm Shield.

- Powerfist

- Power Sword

- Thunder Hammer

(The next two are only available when the Force Commander is in Terminator Armor)

- Assault Cannon

- Heavy Flamer


- Armor of Alacrity

- Artificer Armor

- Terminator Armor


- Iron Halo

- Sacred Standard

- Teleporter Pack



- Drop Pod

- Orbital Bombardment

- Deep Strike

- For The Emperor


- Defend

- Sprint

- Cleansing Flame

- Flesh Over Steel

- Teleport

- Iron Halo