The guidelines page is meant to be an exhaustive reference page to help anyone with any part of any article. Any additions that are deemed necessary should be discussed on the Discussion page.


  • Please be sure to check all grammar and spelling before submitting a page, but remember, something is better than nothing. An open page will encourage other users to expand and refine any content that is already available.
  • Wonderful source material can be found at Dawn of War 2 Database and Dawn of War Codex. But remember, a wiki serves to take all source material and consolidate and expound it, so that there is enough information here to not require moving to other sites to find sufficient information.


  • The 3 units for each race that can be chosen before the fight begins are called Commanders.
  • Try to refrain from using the term "Hero", as there is no reference in-game that calls them heroes.
  • Add pertinent info to the Infobox, but try not to add info like "Top Level: 10", which would be the same for all other commanders.


  • Non-commander units should have an Infobox that contains Skirmish-pertinent information, such as base health and energy, as well as wiki-linked abilities that the unit can use (with or without Wargear).
  • All unit names should be capitalized as they are found in Skirmish mode (Example: Hormagaunt Brood, both Hormagaunt and Brood are capitalized).
  • Add "fluff" information to the main space of the article, not the Infobox.


  • As with units, all abilities and wargear should be wiki-linked and capitalized as they are in-game.
  • When making an article for wargear or an ability, be sure to include the icon from the game (Example: Flesh Hooks). A good place to get high-resolution icons is DoWCodex.
  • If possible, add a good screenshot of the ability in action to the bottom of the page, in a screenshot section.