Hormagaunt Brood
Hormagaunt Brood 01
Hormagaunt Brood
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Unit Info


Type:Basic Infantry

Species Name:Gauntii Gladius



Role:Fast Melee Unit

Weapons & Arsenals

Primary:Scything Talons



Hitpoint:475 HP

Cost:240 Requisition

Squad Size:8

Attack Damage


Heavy Infantry:Low




Leap through cover(passive, with synapse)

The Hormagaunt Brood is a basic melee infantry squad of the Tyranids.


The Hormagaunt is single-minded in its engineered purpose of closing with the foe and eviscerating it with scythe-like claws. They are very fast and seemingly tireless, constantly moving in restless swarms that seem to be made of nothing but rippling claws and ridged armor plates. Appearing to be another manipulation of the Gaunt genus, this bio-form is more upright, with its two sets of upper limbs equipped with well-developed claws. Its lower legs are long and powerful, tucking up beneath the body when the creature is at rest but flicking out to drive it forward in a series of bounding leaps as it attacks.

Game InfoEdit

Along with Termagaunt broods and ripper swarms, Hormagaunt broods are the basic infantry of a Tyranid ground force. Hormagaunt broods represent the bulk strength of the Tyranids. They are agile, fast attack melee infantry designed to tie up enemies in close combat. They are a basic unit, easily available during tier 1, and can capture strategic points and power nodes, scout ahead of later forces, or harass enemies' resources. Hormagaunts are fragile compared to larger and stronger Tyranid forces, but come in swarms of 8, allowing them to surround the enemy, keeping them from retreating to cover. Hormagaunts can also be useful as meat shields, drawing fire away from other Tyranid units. Hormagaunts become much more effective while affected by the Synapse provided by some larger Tyranids. Hormagaunts can use their inherent agility to leap through cover, reaching enemies that might be shielded from other melee combatants, but only while guided by the Synapse. Overall, the Hormagaunt brood's ready availability and large numbers mean that they will make up the bulk of many Tyranid forces, even though, as very basic units, they cannot be leveled up like other infantry.


Hormagaunt broods are fragile and can be easily killed by other, more powerful melee infantry, such as Assault Marine Squads, Howling Banshees and Nob Squads, or from heavy weapons with high fire rates. They are not able to take a lot of punishment in comparison to the weaker but numerous Ripper Swarm. Commanders are particularly difficult opponents to overwhelm, as most can knock back smaller foes, preventing the Hormagaunts from completely surrounding them. Hormagaunts are also particularly vulnerable to walkers such as the Dreadnought or Deff Dredd, which can easily rip through surrounding swarms. Hormagaunt broods should always be used in large numbers, and generally accompanied by stronger Tyranids, particularly those with the Synapse ability, in order to compensate for these weaknesses; each individual Hormagaunt is little threat to most foes, but their strength becomes apparent when used in coordinated actions.