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The Lictor Alpha is one of three Tyranid commanders playable in multiplayer games. The Lictor Alpha, like its regular Lictor counterpart, is built around assassination by high damage and stealthy tactics. Without any biological upgrades, the Lictor Alpha is able to Infiltrate and pull units to it with Flesh Hooks. With a wide variety of upgrades at its disposal, the Lictor Alpha is able to adapt to many situations, whether it's fighting at the front lines with the rest of the Tyranid army or going solo to ensure lone enemy squads are not able to take resources.



Feeder Tendrils: Heals the Lictor Alpha upon killing enemy units.

Scything Talons: Striking while infiltrated causes units around the Lictor Alpha to be suppressed. Increases offensive power.

Toxin Sacs: Striking while infiltrated causes the target to move more slowly and deal less damage. Increases offensive power.

Corrosive Claws: Striking while infiltrated causes the target to take more damage. Increases offensive power.


Toxic Cysts: Grants the Toxic Burst ability, which deals damage over time to units in a small radius around the Lictor Alpha. Increases health of the Lictor Alpha.

Adrenal Glands: Increases maximum energy.

Deadly Jump: Grants the Assault Leap ability, which allows the Lictor Alpha to jump huge distances, knocking enemies back upon landing. Increases health of the Lictor Alpha.


Pheromone: Grants the Pheromone Cloud ability, which allows units to reinforce for a short time in the targeted area.

Loner: Causes the Lictor Alpha to deal increased damage and receive less damage when not near friendly or allied units.

Menacing Visage: Grants the Terrify ability, which forces an enemy squad to fall back to their base.

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