The Orks are a savage race that are seen by their enemies (everyone else, and sometimes each other) as savage, warlike and crude, but they are the most numerous species in the whole galaxy. However, the power of the Ork race as a whole is limited since they are split into countless tiny empires, often warring between themselves. In the rare occasion that the Orks ever do unite, they are capable of destroying whole civilizations in a massive migration-invasion known as a Waaagh!

Physiology Edit

Ork physiology is essentially a conglomerate of fungus and animal. The Orks themselves carry characteristics of humanoid mammals, but their bloodstream is a nutrient cycling fungal substance. Orks can sustain grievous injuries that most other humanoids can not. An Ork can get massive gashes in their body, but their resilient body often heals itself within hours.

The Greenskins reproduce in a unique way, as there are no genders within Orkish society. Orks continually shed spores throughout their life. At the moment of their death, however, their body expels thousands of spores at once. This special reproduction method explains how the Orks get to be so massive in number.


Commanders Edit

Infantry Edit

Buildings Edit

  • Teleporta Platform (HQ Building)
  • Waaagh! Banner
  • Power Generator
  • Ork Turret (HQ)
  • Ork Turret (Mek)