Tarkus is a veteran of centuries of campaigning, and is renowned for his calm under fire. He leads his Tactical Marines into combat with confidence and a steely demeanor. Rarely angered by anything, Tarkus is a rock-solid second-in-command and an expert tactician.

Tarkus earned Terminator Honors during the assault on the Catacombs of Kronus, fighting alongside Davian Thule against the dreaded Necrons. He and his squad repelled wave after wave of the robotic horrors while Captain Thule planted the explosive which would end the Necron threat to the planet.

Tactical Marines are the mainstay of Space Marine Chapters, shielding humanity from the countless threats assailing it. These elite warriors are the versatile front line units that bear the brunt of operations. They can wield a wide variety of weapons with great effect and absorb an amazing amount of punishment. A squad of Tactical Marines can turn the tide of just about any battle, especially with a resourceful veteran like Tarkus in their ranks.


  • With me brothers, advance!
  • Rain down upon our cities and we shall return it!
  • This way brothers!
  • Enemy has us pinned!
  • Grenade that target!
  • Use a grenade!