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Space Marine Terminator Squad
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The Space marine Terminator squad are the most elite, battle hardened, and best equipped warrior the Space Marines have to offer. The Terminators have there own company in a chapter called the 1st company composed of elite soldiers who have fought for centuries of battle although some of the 1st company soldiers refuse to wear terminator armor and stay in their power armor simply because it is more mobile. In order to use terminator armor the soldier must have terminator honors these are earned by doing some very heroic deed such as when Tarkus proved himself worthy of such an honor when he shot down wave after wave of the robotic Necron horrors allowing Davian Thule to plant the nessesary charges to end the Necron threat on the planet.

In Gameplay, Terminators are very resilient being able to survive orbital bombardment! They are deployed through an ability on the ability bar for around 700 zeal they also cost 950 requistion (please insert power cost here) therefore making them quite exspensive late game units. They can be upgraded with Assault cannons and heavy flamers protecting terminators is absoloutly necessary if you lose them you probably won't get another Terminator squad do to their high resource and zeal cost. They are easily one of the most powerful squads in the game but as all squads they have their weaknesses. They're ineffective vs vehicles and very slow moving and can not use rhinos. Another downside of terminators is they can't really use cover because they smash any cover that they walk into.

In the campaign you first obtain Terminator armor after defeating the far seer and saving meridian at angel forge. While your slowly grinding away at the far seers health Tarkus suddenly appears in Terminator armor saying they were recovered in the reliquary and turns the tide of the battle. There are only three pieces of terminator armor. Tarkus is the Terminator squad able to use heavy flamers and storm bolters with the power first but strangely he can not use the assault cannon. Terminators in the campaign can not use cover. The Cyclone missile launcher is a equipable on Tarkus with it he can unleash a powerful barrage of missiles good for destroying large clusters of infantry.