Some new engraved quotes from DoW2 - Chaos Rising Wargear that I found.

1. The Reward for Treachery is Retribution.

2. None can stop the Crusade of the Righteous.

3. Corruption can be Subtle.

4. Hope is the First Step in the Road to Disappointment.

5. Excuses are the Refugee of the Weak.

6. All great Victories comes at the cost of the Innocents.

Below are some engraved quotes from DoW2 Wargear.

  1. Pain is not the enemy, Pain is a reminder that we live onto better serve the Emperor of Mankind.
  2. My Emperor, let your might guard those righteous warriors who face the enemies of man. Protect us from harm that we may war in your name.
  3. There is but one Truth in the Universe, that of the Emperor. Only his children know this Truth. All others know only lies and must be swept aside.
  4. Those who wield the power of his chosen warriors would be blessed to feel but a minute portion of the eternal glory the Emperor endures for Mankind.
  5. There is no greater gift than glorious death in service to the Imperium of Man. To have your name recorded in the annals of the chapter is a boon that all aspire to.
  6. From holy Terra herself to the furthest fringe worlds of this galaxy, in the face of the most unlike of odds, and with your unerring strength, we carry the fight to our enemy - To Victory!.
  7. Vincit Veritas - Truth will win out.
  8. Victoria Veritas - Victory over Truth.
  9. Be like smoke - stealing the enemy's sight and breath, but fading to nothingness when he strikes.
  10. Hold onto your righteous hate, my brothers. Let the lives of all aliens end with your blade, the mutant's cries of pain echo through the halls of the dammed and the heretic's soul be extinguished by your furious retribution.
  11. Honor and Fury.
  12. I Shall neither flinch from my duty though it be terrible, nor seek rest though I grow weary; I Shall neither give nor request mercy until this crusade is won.
  13. Blessed be the warriors, brothers of steel and fury. Those who stand against the enemies of man and carry forward his light into darkness between the stars shall ever be in his grace.
  14. Speed the bolt that brings death to our enemies.
  15. We are united impurity of purpose - brothers in more than any name or blood bond. We are The Space Marines of the Imperium, We are the gleaming blade in his fist. The shield that protects his works. Never shall we falter in our duty not just to the Imperium, but each other.
  16. As you once ascended to the golden throne on Terra herself, shall we ascend to victory against Mankind's enemies.

By CommanderBR - Hnet

Updated on January 31, 2001